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Drawing Room SF

In Loving Memory of Lobo

In Loving Memory of Lobo

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Mariana Moreno Gonzales

In Loving Memory of Lobo

Acrylic paint on canvas (framed)

16"x 20" x 1"



“I felt like I was holding my breath since the beginning of the pandemic and throughout 2020. When the New Year arrived, I was able to exhale a little because I had this great appreciation for making it to a new year, and thankfully with my family all together. In mid-January of 2021, my heart broke as I had to quickly say goodbye to my rock that had kept me going, especially during the pandemic. I suddenly lost my Lobito to cancer, which finally knocked the wind out of me. When I was ready to inhale again, I realized how creating from the heart and memorializing a loving relationship was profoundly therapeutic for me. I gave myself permission to be still, take in all that I observe, relish in the memories, and express my appreciation for all that I witnessed. This ritual continues as I connect with new stories from others and their relationships with their companions. I paint portraits in honor of a beloved one.”

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