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Drawing Room SF

In The Between Series 1

In The Between Series 1

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In The Between Series 1

48" x 24"

Screen printed and painted, wood panel and paper collaged onto wood.




In 2019, I was given an opportunity to show my work and create a mural at Public Works, a live music venue in SF. The space I was given was a long corridor and the entry/entrance to the event space. I created a mural and a series of 10 panels, 4 48" x 24", and 6 48" x 12" that were integrated into the long mural. The panels were first screen printed and dyed, then installed in a pattern along the corridor mural. Long diagonal lines were masked off across the walls and panels, and sprayed with my stencils in layers of colors and gradients. The individual panels were then taken back into my studio and hand painted to finish and then re-inserted back into the mural to create a long and multi-dimensional journey of color, space and line.

Since this exhibition, the larger panels that are 24" wide have been transitioned into Tapestries in which First Impressions (embossed and printed works) are collaged and then hand-drawn and painted to find common space and connection amongs the compositions.

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