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Lichen Mind (Toshi Hoo & Liza Bender) with CreatingAS1 (Sara Corbett & Aaron Haldiman)
Video Projection (5 minute loop)
February, 2023


“Murmur” is a slowly evolving video-mapped projection art piece that brings subtle elements of flight and breath.

 The word murmur as a noun means a low, indistinct, continuous sound, as of the wind, a brook, trees, or whispered voices. The verb murmur means to make such a sound.

 A murmuration is a shape-shifting flock of birds, often starlings, where the flying birds collectively spread out, then come together, constantly changing direction, like a synchronized cloud of movement. The large group of tiny birds flying and swirling about can look similar to a school of fish moving like choreography in the sky. This dazzling phenomenon is named for the murmur sound it makes from thousands of wingbeats and soft flight calls.

 For this piece, the group collaboratively discussed the artwork’s intentions and how the images chosen fulfilled the desired experience. Liza Bender selected from the Lichen Mind video collection. Toshi Hoo applied video manipulation and projection mapping. Aaron Haldiman and Sara Corbett built the projector pedestal and provided the projector.

Artist Statement

Lichen Mind is the creative melding between Toshi & Liza’s visual aesthetics, contextual sensibilities, material understandings, and individual skill sets. Toshi Hoo has an extensive background in videography, photography, and emerging technology media. Liza Bender’s diverse body of work includes found object assemblage, interactive environment installations, and virtual reality experiences. Together, they explore improbable moments of light, patterns in nature, and beauty found in dilapidation and renewal.


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