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Drawing Room SF

Roadmaps II

Roadmaps II

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30” x 24” x 3

Ink, oil, encaustic and resin on paper,

mounted on wood panel




Between 2000-2002, I moved from Eugene to Washington DC, then to Denver never finding my “home” until committing to living in SF in 2003. Moving here, as most people know can be a scary leap due to the high rents and compromises that afflict nearly all housing situations here. I’d been making drip drawings in the back of the van on all my traverses back and forth across the country. This mountain of ink on paper drawings became the beginning of my search for what “resists and what absorbs”. This metaphor also my own search to find my way into a place and community of people where I felt I belonged. I love beeswax, random hardware, handmade paper, thread, and color - and try to find ways to bring those all into one place. Wax was used to build a surface from the ink drips. Color was imbued in the spaces between and to celebrate the texture of the wax. Resin simply to magnify the beginning layer.

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