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Drawing Room SF

These Days Zine

These Days Zine

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These Days Magazine is chock full of drawings, comix, poems, pictures, jokes, collages, grocery lists, DNA, advertisements, yesterday's dinner, paintings, your lost cat, tongue twisters, pie, stories, farts, letters, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

 All proceeds go to the SFPL

 Artists included:

Alex Luce, Adam Zander, Anand Aji, Audrey Amblard, Caleb Serang, Chloe Faro, Gaspard Choquet, Gwyneth Kennerly, Heni Munson, Jude Howery, Leila Kreitmann, Kennedy Academia, Léna Townsley, Maximillian Colombano, Malia Liu, Mira Sinha, Oliver Kleinman, Sheldon Flick, Shayan Shabankhani, Tenzin Scovill, Zavi Andrade, Zachary Ackroyd.

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