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Drawing Room SF

Where it all begins

Where it all begins

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"Where it all begins"

80” X 73” X 2”

Mixed media on hollow core door



These large hollow core doors served as my work tables for years, accumulating inks, oversprays, overprints and random marks and layers of lines and pigments. Since their time as work surfaces, I’ve built new layers of marks and experiments with my explorations in pigment and process drawing correlations and connections between the layers. When I draw, I let the process dictate what happens next. I was hit by a car on my bike in 2021 after also being assaulted by a driver while also on my bike - both incidents occurring within 6 weeks of each other. I suffered multiple head traumas and compound fracture to my tibia resulting in emergency surgery and a very long recovery to become full mobile again. The works I've completed since then have taken on a focus of geometry and dimensionality - connecting the through-lines and layers.

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